Instagram is great for your business visibility and personal use. All those likes and comments when you’re promoting a specific product may increase your exposure, but having to change your bio link each time you want to promote a new product or direct people to your latest blog post is not only a pain but time consuming to boot.

So how can you add multiple links to your Instagram bio, and even schedule new links to go live?!

This fabulous little tool creates one link for you that integrates with your Instagram profile. Then you simply add the links you want people to see when they click your bio link. Add your latest post, your latest offer, your Facebook Page, your Twitter profile, your mailing list sign up form – the list is endless!

You can customise the theme to match your brand colours and upgrade to Pro for more options.

With Free you get:

  • Unlimited links on your linktree.
  • Click tracking for each link.
  • A selection of linktree themes.

Includes everything in Free plus all this for just $6 a month! (At time of posting):

  • More Linktree themes.
  • Remove Linktree branding.
  • Show traffic as ‘Social’ in Google Analytics.
  • Custom UTM Parameters.
  • See a day-by-day breakdown of link traffic.
  • Give access to your team to manage your linktree and links.
  • Complete customization of your linktree colors and button styles.
  • Change the title of your linktree.
  • Time your links to go live in-line with scheduled posts.
  • Retarget your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID.

That’s a whole lot of juicy options for you to really get your Instagram profile working for you. Here’s the full details

Here’s my profile

What are you promoting at the moment? Where do you want to send your Instagram followers to today? Get started today!