Creating a business page is very simple.

DO NOT create a business page via the main log-in on Facebook. You must create it from within your Facebook Profile account.

What if I have already created a Page outside of my Profile or don’t have a Personal Profile?

If you have created a page outside of your Facebook profile the easiest way to make your Page fully functional is to create a Personal Profile with a different email address then add this email address to your Pages admin area (so you are making yourself an admin of the Page from a Personal Profile). Now when you login to your new Personal Profile and visit your Page you should see all functions available to you. If this fails you may be able to claim it and merge with your new fully functional page.

Follow the instructions in the Facebook Help Centre.


  • If you do not create a Page via your Profile you cannot search for other businesses to like
  • You reduce the functionality of your page
  • You won’t be able to add any other admins
  • No one will know the Page belongs to you when you create it using your Profile (this is the biggest misunderstood part of Facebook Pages, fear of being “found” to be the owner of a Facebook Page)
  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Click here to create a page
  3. Chose your category (wisely) you can change it at a later date but it’s better to get them right first time.
  4. Fill in the details requested
  5. Follow the instructions on screen and have these things prepared: Profile Photo, Cover Photo Image

Profile images should be a minimum of 180x180px when you upload them and will display as 160x160px

Cover images should be 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and not include more than 20% text.

Cover images are very important as with the new Facebook Newsfeed announced on the 7th March a portion of them will show in a new “likers” friends Newsfeed.

Now you are ready to market your Page! Good Luck!

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