Sometimes you add an App on your Facebook account without realising what it does, occasionally an App will request to post to your wall, or send to your contacts asking them to connect with you. There are a lot of Games Apps, Business Apps, Apps that connect with media publications and so on and so forth.

If you’ve added an App and want to remove it, often because you didn’t realise at the time what, if any, benefit it has to you there are just a few steps you need to go through. Make sure you are logged in as your Profile and not as a Page.

Click on the arrow on the top right hand sign of the screen and select Account Settings:










You then need to select “Apps” on the left hand menu:










You will see a list of Apps that you have connected to your account (at this point it is always a good idea to go through any Apps that you may not have used for a long period as a) they may be defunct and no one is monitoring them anymore and b) there may be some you added a while ago that you no longer have a use for).

At this stage click the “Edit” button on the App you want to remove:







You will then see a pop up box with the details about the App, what it does and how it connects with you. You can click the “remove app” option on the top right:







You will then got a confirmation pop up box asking you if you are sure you want to remove this from your permissions, take note of any special instructions as it may be that the app stores your basic information once you have removed it. Read the small print!

There is also another route to remove apps through your Privacy Settings but it ultimately takes you to the same page where you can edit and remove settings.

You may be surprised just how many Apps have access to your Facebook Account! Because of the way competitions are run on Facebook, when you interact with a big brand and enter a competition, prize draw, or submit anything via a tab on a Facebook Page you are giving that App permission to access parts of your Facebook Profile. It’s a good time for a bit of housekeeping, especially as there are many competitions out there at the moment you may be adding a fair few to that list over the coming weeks!

As always if you have any questions please leave a comment or pop over to my Facebook Page 🙂