I was having a catch up chat with @Maxinemaxxy on Twitter last night, (she puts marketing into Telemarketing for Accountants and Professionals and is a lovely person too!) and an image popped into my feed that I’d just seen on Facebook, I told Maxine I’d just seen it on the social network, when Maxine replied “I’ve gotta find a better way of sharing Facebook stuff rather than by photo 🙂 ” it got me thinking…

Immediately I thought there has to be an app for that, one already in existence then doesn’t entail downloading the image then uploading to Twitter. There is and I use it every day – it just didn’t occur to me at that moment in time!

Buffer – An awesome App that you can use not only for adding Tweets which send out automagically, but for Facebook Pages, Facebook Profile, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Groups and App.net accounts.



So to answer Maxine’s question and need, Buffer is a great answer to share directly from Facebook by installing one of the Buffer Extensions for Browsers

Browser extensions available are:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

As well as Buffer for iPhone and Buffer for Android so you can Buffer on the go!

Once you’ve installed the extension, reload your Browser and you will see when you post an update or click on “Share” a little Buffer button shows in the right hand corner, which will connect you to your Buffer dashboard so you can either Tweet or Post there and then or add it to your Buffer queue.


This is great for sharing Facebook images as it picks up the image for you and shows in in your tweet with the original link on Facebook.

So you can literally Buffer from anywhere, on the go, to your favourite social networks and even share images you’ve seen on Facebook (be careful about other people’s privacy though only share images that are viewable to the general public!)

Take this Tweet as an example that I posted today using Buffer. It has the link to the creators article, a pic.twitter link (so it can be viewed in Twitter) and also where it was found on Facebook.



So now you never need fiddle again with images for Twitter that you found on Facebook! (Unless of course you use I.E :() But Buffer does have bookmarklets and of course many other useful tools that you can install and use on the go!