I’ve seen so many wonderful gifts and gadgets on offer so as a small hint to Mr Ewers (my obviously better although less technical half 😉 ) I thought I would share them with you all! Perhaps it will give you a little inspiration too if you are feeling a little bit stuck for ideas!

1. First up – The Kindle!

I’ve wanted one for a while… although I probably wouldn’t have time to read it! I love reading, there really is nothing like a good book. I think if I had one of these I could squeeze in at least half an hour a day over a cup of coffee and a biscuit! At Amazon at the moment Kindles are only £89 I’m sure Santa could stretch to one of those 😉

2. Livescribe – The Pen that writes to your Computer

Oh yes, this is absolutely up my street. I’m a big fan of writing things down with trusty notepad and pen, not entirely successful though when you are trying to find that important note that you filed in your clients folder! This is an absolute must, and if Santa doesn’t bring it I will definitely be making this my first purchase of 2012. Only £81 Live Scribe at Amazon.

3. Desktop Cup Warmer

I need this in my life! And I’m sure you do too or know of someone who will just love you for it! How many times have you made a cup of coffee, sat down to carry on with work or taken a phone call to come back to a cold cup of coffee or tea? No more! OK so you need to buy the mug too and if you have small children plugging in to a spare USB port on your laptop could be asking for trouble :/ but I still love it! At just £5.99 it is a fab stocking filler for gadget lovers and those who suffer from CCS (Cold Coffee Syndrome).

4. Poken – Exchange Social Profiles when you Network!

If you like to Network (BNI, 4N etc) you may look a little odd turning up with this little gadget – but oh my what a great way to connect and store information from your newest contacts. You can instantly exchange details with a fellow Poken user and connect it to your laptop when you get home! OK if you have an iPhone this is probably a little defunct – but cool none the less!

5. USB Christmas Tree

Not a stocking filler – more of a “buy now and get yourself in the mood” gift! So cute, and will bring some Christmas cheer to any dull office, home office or dark corner! Merry Christmas!