Angry TomatoFirst impressions count, I was thrilled to read about the new Facebook Groups feature.

Potential to have a closed group with clients and help topics so as not to spam the world about what you are up to,  add helpful documents, photos, links and so forth and potential to mail shot everyone when a new update is added. Plus a new group chat feature, handy for an online seminar or two.

You even get an email address for the group to enable members to post an update to the group when they are not online.

Slight snag… I can add any one of my friends to my new group:

  • without their permission
  • who ever I like regardless of their privacy settings
  • I cannot remove them, they have to remove themselves
  • it is posted publicly in the newsfeed that they have been added (of course if this were a “secret” group they probably wouldn’t have been).

This is a big fail for me – adding anyone without their permission. Especially for business purposes, why have Facebook taken away the right to choose? Am I going to be bombarded with new groups I have joined that my friends have set up on the fly? I dread to think!

OK there are some great features, with huge potential for keeping you on Facebook longer, great for them.

Another BIG fail for me is the “secret” option. Yes there were “secret” groups previously, which in itself was bad enough on the worlds largest social site. I can only imagine the depraved things that have happened in them – but now you can add anyone without their permission it is even worse! Bullying is rife online you only have to ask Bullying UK and see some of their status updates to understand how they are trying to help people and children in situations online as well as off.

What do you think? Am I over the top? Has Facebook failed with this new update?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rhys Alton