I like writing posts that generally help the masses, so here is another quick tip for you. If you would like Typepad, Blogger and WordPress “How to” please see the end of the post.

If you run a website that you manage yourself it is really simple and easy to add the Facebook Like Button yourself with very little technical knowledge.

Selecting Your Plugin

Go here:  Facebook Plugins

And you will get a screen that looks like this:

Facebook Social Plugins

There are a few options to choose from but for this excercise click the “Like Button” link.

Personalise the Code

You then get a form to select your exact requirements for your like button:

Like Button Coding

Most of the form is straight forward:

  • Enter your website URL
  • Choose from standard layout (with avatars and wording) OR Button Count, which just shows the number of “likes”.
  • Verb to display, choose from “like” or “recommend” depending on your business and personal preference.
  • Choose a font to match your website fonts (web safe fonts)
  • Choose from a light or dark colour scheme

What you do have to be careful of is the width box. If you are showing faces and use the standard layout you should reduce the width further to around 350px (450px can be slightly too big for some websites), but you can change according to the area you have dedicated to this plugin. If you are only using the button count, the recommended width is around 130px if not smaller, othewise you are likely to end up with reams of white space somewhere on your website!

Copy and Add the Code

Once you have completed the options and clicked “Get Code” you will get a pop up screen with two pieces of code: iframe and XFBML. To keep things simple copy the iframe code and past this into the body of your website where you would like it to go. If you use a WYSIWYG editor this is simple enough, otherwise it is a case of keep tweaking.

WordPress, Typepad and Blogger

If you use WordPress the process is much the same except you install this plugin you can select where in the post/pages you would like to see the plugin and follow each step. If you are running a non-Wordpress site you will need to place the code on each page for HTML, click here for more info on Typepad Options and for Blogger you can find some great instructions here

Have you found any other ways of adding the “like” button? Tell me about them in a comment 🙂

If you need assistance then drop me a line.