VivaKoKo Testimonial

 raw chocolate subscription

Emma’s technical expertise and business know-how helped me out of a sticky situation very swiftly. She has then continued to help my business grow.
I had been having problems with a horribly unreliable (and somewhat incompetent) web designer, when Emma came to my rescue. I run a subscription based product (raw chocolate boxes!), and I had worked really hard to have the product ready to launch. The only problem was, I couldn’t get my website to do anything I needed it to! And my web developer had gone completely AWOL! Within just a few days, Emma had everything up and running perfectly!
Emma has not only been super efficient and helpful, she also has a genuine interest in how my business is performing and has made really helpful suggestions. For example, she noticed I was doing some Facebook ads and helped me to tweak the audience and advert text making them much more efficient. She also suggested that I run a competition, and helped me to set this up. The response I had was incredible – it reached more than 12,000 people and my page went from 100 to 400 likes in just 5 days!
Emma continues to be my go-to for all of my website and Facebook questions. As someone who has very little time and is also a complete beginner with WordPress, this has been incredibly valuable.