It’s here the “new” Newsfeed – announced today by Facebook!

I’m buzzing with excitement, the whole look and feel is about to change so much (almost like G+)




Main Changes:

  • Bigger images in Newsfeed
  • A more mobile site “look” and feel (Facebook will now look the same across PC, Phone and Tablet)
  • A move to 7 Newsfeed options including a “chronological” option and a “following” option
  • Designed to reduce clutter
  • A new left hand menu that is accessible wherever you are on Facebook so no need to go back to the homepage
  • Text will appear as an overlay on images
  • When someone likes your Facebook Page a large image will appear using your Profile and Cover Images (thanks to Mari Smith for this top tip!)

The move to larger images explains Facebook’s recent move to less than 20% text allowed in a Sponsored Story (Facebook Adverts) that appear in users Newsfeeds.

In the preview adverts and their placement are not shown, does this mean they’ve become less important? Has Facebook listened to the vast majority who don’t like to see these in their Newsfeed? Only time will tell! I’m looking forward to testing it out 🙂

Have you got any points you’ve noticed? Please comment below!

You can sign up for the new look here.



It’s been announced that Facebook are holding a News Conference on the 7th March 10am PST, 1pm EST and 6pm European GMT.

So far reports suggest it is focused around a new News Feed Design (TheNextWeb)

Other’s speculate that a new Timeline is also on the cards.

I will be updating this page on Thursday when more is revealed!



I’m hoping to see:

Facebook Pages

Big changes for Facebook Pages showing in Newsfeed – current feedback from clients and those I am connected with talk of reach numbers so poor they are considering giving up. Most small businesses don’t want to pay for advertising Sponsored Posts and Stories (though they do have their place!) whilst others I have seen are resorting to reporting such links as Spam. Facebook did announce last week that there was a major bug in their Insights reporting and that numbers should have changed from the 4th March going forward.

There’s already been an inkling of this with screenshots of a “like page” button at the bottom of posts that are shared from websites onto the Facebook Newsfeed. I’ve seen it happen a few times in the past week on posts I’ve shared.

I also noted a change to the colours used on Insights graph from the deep Facebook blue to Red, which quickly changed back within 24 hours – another test to gauge reaction?


A move to use more filters, in a simpler format so we have a choice as to what to see in our Newsfeed. More customisation options.

Do you have the new Timleine that’s been tested? Have you noticed any other minor or major tweaks? Let me know in the comments below!