It may have grabbed your attention this morning that your Facebook Page Timeline has changed again! Just a small tweak, but a very useful one…

You can now switch your “voice” on your Business Page with ease, so you can post as your Business or as yourself at the click of a mouse. This is particularly useful if you manage lots of pages and wish to comment or like as yourself rather than as the Business you are representing.

Here’s Why

If you have many admins on one page, and one person in particular posts the most, you often find that one person will “Like” the picture or comment or update as the Business Page, which negatively impacts on your page as whole for several reasons:

  • It looks a little bit vain, liking your own post 😉
  • It won’t show up in your newsfeed so the potential viral effect is lost
  • It prevents other admins (unless they switch to change their “voice”) from liking the post too which in turn circles back top point two about not showing up in your newsfeed.

What you can and MUST do

If another admin posts on your page and you want to “like” it, first change your voice and then like it as yourself. It will then show up in your newsfeed and gain you more exposure. Share this knowledge with the other admins on your page. For example if you have 4 admins, that’s potentially another 1000 friends that the post or picture can be exposed to and so on and so forth. You can have a massive impact on the reach and viral impact, without having to use the “promote” feature.

What it doesn’t do

Unfortunately you still need to “switch to” in order to access the more advanced features of your page, like promote, offers and the newsfeed of your page to pop off and comment on other pages as your business. You do this by either clicking the arrow next to “Home” in the top right hand corner and select “use page as” and the page you wish to be OR click “edit page” at the top of your admin panel on Timeline and select “Use Facebook as #pagename#”

If you have any questions please feel free to comment, message me or post on my Facebook Page 🙂