Why can't i like and comment as my facebook page

You can! 🙂

BUT… Facebook Profiles and Pages operate very differently.

(Updated June 2017)

It makes sense to be able to like a page as your business right? Facebook have certainly improved this over the years and it’s easy as pie to change between the two.

Do not create a Facebook Page from the main login of Facebook! You MUST create a business page via your Profile otherwise you will miss out on all the marketing opportunities available to you!

Find out How to Create a Facebook Page for your Business here.


TIP: Although you can like a Page as your Business by switching between your Profile and your Business Page name, you will not show in the “likes” box on the Page itself. Likes ONLY count from a Profile not a Business Page.

To switch between being “yourself” and “your business page” follow these steps:

  1. Visit your Business Page.
  2. Beneath one of your posts you will see that you are most likely commenting and liking as your business page already (it’s your page right?! If your page is linked to Business Manager, you’ll see that you’re liking and commenting as yourself and you will need to change manually to switch to your business profile).Liking and commenting as Facebok
  3. Now visit any page you want to like or comment as your Business Page on, you’ll see in at the end of the post where you can like and comment, there’s a little down arrow (as above), and you can switch to be ANY PAGE you manage, then like and comment! Easy peasy! I’ve used the Mashable page as an example below:
  4. change to pageTo switch back, or to another page simply hit the button again and change back to yourself.
  5. If your page is tagged in a post on another page, Facebook will notify you and you can easily like/comment as your business page.


What You CAN’T Do (Yet!)

Some people have the ability to create a Group linked to their Page (currently being rolled out) where you CAN post as your business Page (Hallelujah, thank you Facebook!)


Liking Apps

You may also find that on occasion when you have switched to your Business Page name and you find a Page you want to like, it isn’t actually a Facebook Page at all but a Facebook App, which is an entirely different beast altogether. When you do happen across an App, Facebook will request that you switch back to your Profile before you can like the Page, if you do so they will also ask you to approve the App and that it can access some of your Profile information.

An easy way to avoid the frustration of landing on an App is by entering your search term in the Search box and clicking the “See more results” link at the bottom of the Search Box as Facebook will show you the top 5 results. Once you do this on the left hand side you can select “Pages” so you can target your likes.


Help – I Can’t Like a Post or Website Page!

I frequently get emails asking me why this is the case. When you are logged in as your Business Page and leave Facebook, you won’t be able to like stuff around the web. Always make sure you have switched back over to your Profile before you leave Facebook otherwise you won’t be able to Like and Share stuff to your Newsfeed.

I’m sure at some point in the future Facebook will make these processes a little easier, but for the time being once you get used to switching and having a little play around with how you use Facebook as your business page, it does get easier!

Do you have a Facebook Question that needs answering? Drop me a line to hello@im-va.com or post in on my Facebook Page and see if yours is featured in a Blog Post! All the best, Emma 😉