You may have noticed as administrators of  Facebook Groups begin to upgrade to the new Groups set up you will start receiving emails and notifications when someone posts on each group. This can end up being a little irritating and will fill your inbox up quite quickly if like myself, you belong to a few groups and don’t want to know each time someone posts an update.

You can still get notifications inside Facebook but to save your Spam filter working overtime and your Smartphone constantly buzzing with new notifications here is how to turn them off.

1.       Click “Account” Top right hand corner whilst logged into Facebook.

2.       Click the “Notifications” tab.









3.       Scroll down to the “Groups” section.





4.       You will notice there are several options to choose from to receive notifications. Chose from “All posts”, “friends posts” or “off”.









You have now changed your settings to stop receiving emails from Groups. To be sure you can also:

1. Scroll back to the top where it has “How you get notifications” and select the Email option:




If you click the edit button you can turn on and off individual notifications about almost anything that happens on Facebook.

Change you settings on each group too!

You also have the option to turn off all notifications from Groups by visting the group itself.

1. Go to the group page you are getting notifications from.

2. Select the Notifications tab in the top right hand corner.





3. Now you can select “All posts”, “Friends’ Post”s or “Off”.


Make sure you check all your settings regularly so you can change notifications for all the apps, pages and groups that you belong to.

If you have any useful hints and tips or need to know something about Facebook that is frying your brain, just drop in a comment or email me. 🙂