Now before I go on I’m certainly not a Social Media Expert, this is just a bit of fun but perhaps will make you stop and think about either what you are doing or who you are employing. πŸ™‚

I enjoy using Social Media and also helping clients and others benefit from Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks by setting up accounts, assisting with updates and marketing ideas and initiatives, gaining more fans – does it make me a Social Media Expert? No… here are 10 reasons why you are not a Social Media Expert either.

1. You don’t have ANY Social Media buttons on your site – not even a link to your Facebook fanpage!

2. You don’t include any sharing buttons on your site like the Twitter button or the Facebook Like button to name but 2. You sell Social Media and yet you don’t benefit from it yourself by enabling visitors to SHARE your content all over the web?!

3. You don’t write about Social Media or keep up to date with the latest trends, the latest Facebook Page updates and you definitely haven’t got a clue that FBML is so last year…

4. You set up tweets to run all day long that post to your Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Linkedin, Plaxo and Google Buzz all at the same time and include @ and # in the updates which are gonna benefit you on Twitter but not on the other platforms… #fail

5. You have less Twitter fans than I’ve had hot dinners plus you’ve followed every single follower back (even the spammers) and a few hundred more just for luck.

6.Β  You start to write # in blog posts and emails like #justsaying and #fail (oops) πŸ˜‰

7. You have never stepped “foot” into an online forum and chatted with like minded business people and shared your knowledgeΒ  in more than 140 characters (yep Online Forums are Social Media too!)

8. You made a Facebook Page for your best friend and got it to 25 fans just by using the “suggest to friends” button AND got a vanity URL whoop, whoop!

9. You have never replied to a post or tweet from a follower – they’re following you right? They must be interested in every single link you have ever visited why on earth would you want to chat with them?

10. You get all your clients from networking events or your local 4N meeting and have never picked up a client from any form of Social Media…

Can you think of anymore that could be added to the list? What gets up your nose?