Stuck for ideas on how you can promote your business and website right now? Here are 5 quick tips you can go and complete in less than 30 mins. Grab a coffee or your favourite beverage and let’s go! ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Write a Blog Post

Just like this one – what 5 tips can you give to your readers, fans and followers? Something useful, insightful and shareable always hits the spot!

2. Share your website or Blog post on Twitter

Written a new post recently? It doesn’t matter if it was last week, today or 2 months ago. If it is useful and of benefit to you on the whole share it now! If you don’t share blog posts on Social Media regularly chances are they won’t be indexed by Google. Using fast moving media like Twitter can get new Blogs indexed within minutes. My guide to new facebook fan pages was indexed within 2 minutes and has sat on the top for the past 2 years (even though it’s not relevant anymore!)ย  See here and there areย  2,980,000,000 results!

3. Post a link to a new Product or Service on your Facebook Page

OK so Facebook is all about interaction – but it is OK to occasionally post a link to your services and products too – after all you want business, don’t you?

4. Comment on some Blog posts

Read a blog that you rated highly – but didn’t comment? Why not? If it is relevant and you have something to say make sure you do! Use your website URL and gain a new link back to your site whilst contributing to the blogging community. Everyone loves a good comment.

5. Join a Business Forum or Visit one you already belong to.

Some forums have free link signatures where you can link back to your website, products, Twitter, Facebook Page etc. Make sure you use these! Not only will you gain much needed links back to your website but you will be pleasantly surprised how much you can learn and contribute to the conversation. I have built many business relationships on Forum sites – well worth the effort. Recommended are: UK Business Forums, UK Business Labs and new to the Forum scene Mumpreneur UK Community

What tips do you have for promoting your website right now?