Quick Guide to Facebook New PagesThis is just a short 18 point guide to the changes made to the Facebook Fan Pages, a more in depth guide that is covered in a 12 page eBook is available here as a PDF.

On Thursday Facebook whipped up a frenzy once again with changes to the way Facebook Fan Pages look, how you interact with your target audience and some other neat and (not so neat) little tweaks.

Ok so what’s new?

1.       Change to post on Facebook as your Fan page!

2.       Your last 5 photos displayed across the top of the page (look out for a tip later on in this guide)

3.       Change the order of the tabs of your pages

4.       “Like” pages as your business which automatically lists them as your favourites on your business page.

5.       Manage the pages that you can feature in your admin panel

6.       Change to post on your page as your business OR as your personal profile

7.       Get email notifications when someone comments or posts on your Business page/s

8.       Navigation moves to the left hand side

9.       Change the view of your wall when people land on it to either see your latest updates that are most popular (everyone) or just the posts from your business name (displayed chronologically)

10.   Add keywords in your admin panel to “moderate” your page and prevent spam

11.   Manage the profanity level for your page to prevent the use of swear words etc.

12.   Change the category your business page is listed in

13.   Profile picture size change from 200 x 600 to 180 x 540 (that may be why your text in the image looks a little smaller)

14.   Static FBML not to be available after 11th March 2011 with move to iFrames

15.   Be aware that if you are logged into Facebook as your business page and leave the site to visit other sites you cannot view the “like” button on external websites and will have to log back in as your personal profile in order to start “liking” things again across the web. (This could be a bug and may be updated in time)

16.   Be careful where you comment and what you like as your business page – now when you like a comment or post a comment as your business it will show in your Facebook Fanpage stream – so please be careful what you comment on as there are some pretty dodgy pages out there that may not relate to business at all let alone general hobbies and interests! 😉 Try and add value to your likers experience in this respect.

17.   Which again leans towards not being too spammy and randomly commenting and liking on competitors fan pages – it is quite easy to click delete and block!!

18.   When people click like after landing on your well-constructed “Welcome” tab, instead of hanging around Facebook now diverts the visitor back to your Wall so they can’t hang around and wallow in all that lovely marketing and info you have carefully constructed.

Read on for more useful tips, screenshots and marketing tips using the new fan page layout and download a copy of the PDF.

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