Email MarketingThe buzz words of the past few years around web marketing are Twitter, Facebook, Social Media and SEO – but are they the only methods of web marketing available to you? Certainly not!

Whilst some businesses swear by the above methods they don’t work for all (with the exception of SEO of course!) There are many other methods out there that you can apply daily, weekly, monthly to your business to grow your online reputation, drive more traffic to your website and ultimately increase your revenue.

Online Forums – (technically Social Media)

Ok so the above does come under the Social Media category but are you aware that it can drive customers to your site IF you are joining and contributing to the right business forums? Pick one that is very specific to your industry or reaches your target market. Some forums even have advertising options available for a small fee each month. Why not ask about being featured in the Newsletter for a paid spot?

Email marketing

Yes you should still be growing your email list – tips and tricks on how to do that are:

1.       Give away a special one off voucher or code to encourage more subscribers.

2.       Write an eBook or “how to” guide to attract people to sign up.

3.       Make sure you make it clear on your site, Facebook page; Twitter etc that email subscribers get exclusive special offers.

4.       Make sure you send an email out to your subscribers at least once a month to gain more interest and drive traffic to your site.

Press Releases

Ok, so you don’t have to write a Press Release every time you get a new client but it will benefit your business on the whole if, on occasion you invest in a well written Press Release which can be distributed via the web and shared with your Social Online Network. This works well to promote competitions, major changes and charity events you may have been involved in. You never know who will pick your Press Release up – make sure the title is incredibly catchy and has great content. One Press Release could see your business in national and local press as well as on various websites, online news sites AND blog sites – now that is worth doing!

Affiliate Marketing

Not one you may often come across – but would you know if you had? Affiliate marketing means you develop the product or service and other people sell it for you for a share of the profits. There are various Affiliate brokers where you can register your company and/or services, produce website banners and schemes for others to sign up to and create a passive income for themselves whilst lining your business “nest”.

Of course Web Marketing is very diverse, there is no “one size fits all” or “magic bullet” look for other examples in your niche or category and most importantly make sure you try, test and measure each web marketing activity you take part in.