Search Engine Optimisation is the bug bear of online businesses. Some say it costs too much, others say it is too difficult and there must be some kind of secret formula.

  • There is no secret formula – every website is different and will require different approaches but it is really all about common sense.
  • It doesn’t cost too much. SEO is an investment in your business and you should treat it as one. Seeking out the best company or consultant to do the job in the first instance is where many organisations make their first mistake, which in turn CAN turn it into an expensive exercise.
  • Is it difficult? As with anything things are only easy when you know how. But if you are prepared to knuckle down, research and study competitors hard you CAN do it yourself.

Keeping it Simple

  • Research your keywords – look at your competitors sites. What terms do YOU think your customers will type in to find your company. e.g if someone wants to move house in the Essex area will they type in: “Move house Essex” or “removal companies Essex”? Look at the more natural of the two, which flows like you are speaking the terms? Put “I want a” or “I need a” in front of the term as though you are speaking the search phrase – makes it clear doesn’t it? Another example: “soft toy with babies name” or “personalised teddy bear”. People search on their wants and needs not pigeon English.
  • Put the term for each page in the Title Tag, mention it in the description and place it in the text (in a H1 tag) in the body of the page.
  • Use the term you want to rank for in anchor text. i.e. if you right a blog post that mentions “personalised teddy bears” use a hyperlink to the page you are trying to rank for that term using those words.

These are just 3 things you can do to help you improve your DIY SEO.  I would love to know if these simple steps help you boost your website – leave a comment! 🙂