I am frequently giving out random URLs for Facebook for people looking for the plugins page or the apps directory so putting them all into one post seems like the right thing to do!

Bookmark this post and there is no need to go on the hunt again 😉

  1. Facebook Apps Directory – If you are looking for an app to add to your Profile or Fan Page then go here! Use the search function to seek out the ideal apps for your business or personal life.
  2. Facebook Groups – Want to set up a new Group to interact with family/friends or work colleagues? Use this link.
  3. Facebook Developers – Interested in learning more about developing your own app, FBML or mobile apps?
  4. Facebook Developers Roadmap – If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments with Facebook and when changes are due to go live.
  5. Facebook Open Graph Protocol – For use by Web Developers integrating Facebook into websites.
  6. Facebook Promotion Guidelines – If you are running a competitions, sweepstakes etc.
  7. Facebook Request Page Category Review – If your Fan Page has been categorised as a community page when in fact it should be a business page.
  8. Facebook Set Username – If you have a Facebook Fan Page after 25 “likes” you can visit this link and set a vanity URL for your page i.e. “internetmarketingva” rather than “internetmarketingva-1679289395”
  9. Facebook Plugins – All the Social Plugins you need for your website, create a  like box, like button code etc
  10. Facebook Pages – You can create a page from this link or browse the millions of pages on offer.
  11. Facebook Advertising for Pages – If you have a fan page ir a brand you would like to advertise on Facebook (similar to Google Adwords) you need this link.
  12. Facebook Guide to Advertising – Facebook’s own Guide to advertising with them.
  13. Facebook’s Fan Page – The giants own Facebook Page, keep up to date with developments
  14. Facebook’s Fan Page for Pages – Yes Facebook has a Fan Page for it’s Fan Pages… confusing but useful!
  15. Facebook Security – Information about how Facebook protects your online information, bugs, warnings etc
  16. Facebook’s UK Fan Page – Yes there is one for us in the UK too!
  17. Facebook Badges – Create a Badge for your website or blog in a few easy steps.
  18. Facebook General Terms & Conditions – Terms and Conditions
  19. Facebook Principles – Ownership and Information
  20. Facebook Privacy Policy – How Facebook treats your information
  21. Facebook Application Permissions – This should take you to a page in your profile that displays the last 20 apps you have used and allows you to edit settings and delete etc.
  22. Facebook Advertising Guidelines – Sticking to Facebook’s advertising principles
  23. Facebook Pages Terms – Information if you are creating a Facebook Fan Page
  24. Facebook Reporting Copyright Infringement – If your content, branding etc has been copied you need to file it here.
  25. Facebook Appealing Removal – If your content has been removed as a result of Copyright Infringement you can appeal here.
  26. Facebook Press Information – If you are writing articles or looking for Press Releases about Facebook you need this link.
  27. Facebook Chat – More information and installation instructions to install on your Desktop.
  28. Facebook Places – More information and links to apps
  29. Facebook Questions – More information about the Questions section of Facebook!
  30. Facebook Brand Permissions – Important if you intend to use screenshots, logo and when referencing Facebook.
  31. Facebook Send Button – A New plugin from Facebook to add to your website. Now you can use the Send button to send to friends Facebook inbox, share on Facebook Groups or email your friends. Use the send=true as an attribute to add to your existing Like button code.
  32. Facebook Activity Feed – A Website plugin to show the most interesting activity taking place on your site.
  33. Facebook Comments – All the code you will need to add Facebook Comments to your site.
  34. Facebook Facepile – Shows profile pictures of people connected to your page or signed up for your site.
  35. Facebook Like Box – If you want to show a Facebook Like box on your site to generate more likes for your page you need to install this plugin.
  36. Facebook Like Button – No website should be without one! Get your content shared all over Facebookand drive more traffic to your site.
  37. Facebook Live Stream – A useful plugin for anyone who holds webinars, music events or live events. Allow participants to comment and discuss your event there and then.
  38. Facebook Login Button – Displays faces of those already signed up for your site and the login button.
  39. Facebook Recommendations Box – Shows personalised recommendations to your website users. Gives preference for friends activities and considers what your site already interacts with on the web.
  40. Facebook for Websites – Handy guide and more information about how to integrate Facebook with your website.

Do you have any useful Facebook URLs you would like to add? Post them below!