Local SEO - Are you missing out?Local SEO (or being at the top of Google for local search terms) is an important part of a small local businesses internet marketing strategy. Let us look at some Myths and Truths.


There are some that say “just get a Google Map listing and you have it covered” not so. Google Map listings do not cover some Local Search terms, ok fine it is a quick fix for getting some local listings and click throughs, but not all. In fact some of the higher volume search terms are not covered at all and can be highly sought after depending on the industry. If you don’t have a Google Map listing and would like to try it out for yourself you can login here


If you know the highest sought after search terms for your industry all you need to do, in most cases is add the location on the end e.g.

Search term: Removals

Local Search Term: Removals Essex

So the forumula is (keyword/s):location:

Use these in your Title Tag, Meta Description and in the copy of your website pages, preferably in the first paragraph. Also use them as Anchor Text to relevant pages of your site, it informs Search Engines what the page that it links to is about. Try and stick to one or two keyphrases per page and don’t stuff your pages full of the same kinds of phrases, Search Engines are clever and use Semantic Search to determine how a page should rank so you can include a few or use them as Anchor Text for external links.


You don’t need to build external links to your site for Local SEO, it isn’t that competitive. WRONG. You should build links, not just because of Local SEO but if you run a business you will want to grow it at some point, you may not be stuck in that home office forever right? Not only that but as mentioned previously Local Search Engine Optimisation is becoming increasingly competitive in some areas, particularly with contractors and home improvement companies. As the web evolves and the popularity of Twitter and Facebook have soared, understanding of SEO and how it can help a business has grown through Blog Posts, Webinars, Videos etc.

Don’t get me wrong, probably the most important way to get business for most of these companies is referrals, but enquiries from online and perhaps further afield can make all the difference.


I have had my site optimised or tinkered with some DIY SEO and I get lots of visitors but not many enquiries as I am a local business, can Local SEO help?


Do not underestimate the power of Local Search. Look at how your SEO is set up currently, can you add a location here and a town there without compromising your current rankings? If so you should try it now, target the customers who are looking for your services right now.

What is your experience with Local SEO? Have you tried it? Not sure where to start – drop me a line.