It’s tempting, I know, to search for your keywords on Google to see where you rank today. Has your SEO work been paying off?

Did you know unless you opt out Google is personalising your search results based on your web history? See this old post from Google. If you don’t switch it off you are being served (more often than not) personalised results which could have you believe you actually rank higher than you do.

If you are logged into Google, top right hand corner see “Web History” and click, it may ask you to login again. Now select to pause so Google is no longer recording and try your search again.

Here is the Google Help Topic on the subject

It *isn’t* fool proof as Google has many datacentres and each one could serve you different results BUT it takes the personalisation out of the equation.

Let me know if it makes a difference for you in the comments. Thanks 🙂