In the first #FridayCoffeeBreak post we will be hearing from Helen White at

Burton Real Nappies. Please ask any questions in the comments section or

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Helen White


Burton Real Nappies

More about me:

I have an online store selling Cloth Nappies, mother & baby eco products, slings and accessories, and I run several Nappuccino events advising and selling direct to the public, I also work as a Real Nappy Advisor for Derbyshire and Staffordshire County Councils.

The types of Internet Marketing I use for my business are:

I regularly use Twitter, Facebook, email and my website as well as blogging on Blogspot and chatting in several forums. I post links to Delicious, I have a BT Tradespace presence and I have links from several local websites to mine.

I have a blog and write about:

I generally write about specific cloth nappies; their uses, pro’s and con’s etc but I do like to use real experience as all the products I sell I have used on my own children and I think experience counts for a lot.

I use forums such as:

I’m on several mother and baby forums such as Netmums, Mumsnet, WAHM as well as supplier forums.

My favourite form of Internet Marketing is:

At the moment I am having most success with Twitter.

My best performing Internet Marketing strategy:

Direct email / direct links from Twitter

My Internet Marketing plans for the future are:

I am currently spending time further optimising my SEO on my website and I plan to market the new website accross several mediums once this is done.

You can follow me on:

Facebook –

Twitter –