Do a search for Facebook today in Google News and you will be inundated with stories about the media giant – good and bad.

Only the “sensational” stories seem to make the mainstream news – normally with a negative twist on things and when reading them it often makes me wonder if the journalist actually uses facebook or merely “reads” about it via other sources. It alwasy disappoints me not to see a small section or even a link to (online) some information about Facebooks Privacy Settings and how you can use them to protect yourself and your children. (This also includes a handy tool to view your file as everyone else sees it). If you want to change your setings all you need to do is click “Account” in top right hand corner and scroll down to Privacy Settings.

The other facebook news that tickled me today isn’t a new story but  Facebook users to rate leaders in real time whilst debates are taking place is a novel idea. I’m sure my time will be spent watching the debates rather than rating the leaders on facebook  – but to each his own!

What’s your view? Is there enough information out there to enable you to protect yourself and your family on facebook? Will you be voting via the facebook app come debate time?