It is tough sometimes catching up on everything going on around the web! I often skim read a few posts and RT those that I enjoy and go back and read them a little more in depth later on.

Here is a round up of some I have enjoyed in the past week that you may have missed.

Verifiying your site in Google Webmaster using Analytics Code from SEO Roundtable

A welcome post as it is often annoying verifying a new site having to paste two sets of code into the pages. Now it can all be done using your analytics code – Bravo Google!

The Baby Budgeting Monthly Budget Challenge!

I love a challenge and was delighted to see so many others do when reading Becky’s Monthly Challenge! Could you start a business on £10 and how would you do it? I’m still thinking up my reply! 🙂

Nicki Cawood’s Blog Curly and Candid

Fast becoming one of my favourite blogs to read as she writes some great reviews about products but also for her natural ability to write witty, informative articles. This week Nicky asked about Home Birth – Do I Don’t I? Which rustled up a fair few comments and opinions on the subject!

AllFacebook’s Facebook Change the Like Button

The post wasn’t a great surprise as I had noticed the deisgn change myself on client’s sites, but what I do find weird is that Facebook have made it harder to “unlike” something you have “liked”. I can’t imagine why you would want to “unlike” it unless you had a major falling out with the business owner? 😉

And finally

This really tickled me, whilst visiting the Weetabix website searching for a link to a Toy Story 3 competition I came across this fabulous little interactive web page. Inside Your Search – enjoy!