This isn’t going to another one of “those posts” covering the lay out of your site, where your telephone number should be (top right hand corner above the fold, if you are interested!) and what exactly you should have your front page and subsequent pages to try and get as many conversions as you can! This is about one simple factor of your site that could dramatically effect your web site enquiries.

Your contact form.

Do you need both numbers?

How many of you ask for a mobile number and landline number? I would guess most, but, how many of you have BOTH those numbers set as a “required field” (the form will only submit if both number fields are filled in) on your contact form? Yes of course there are some valid reasons for doing this, how many of you actually NEED both numbers? The fact that a person has taken the time to read, navigate and enquire on your website tells you they are interested in what you have to offer.

B2C Company?

If you are a B2C company you will find that many people are ex directory and don’t always feel comfortable with giving out their landline number or and leave their mobile instead or vice versa (remember not everyone has a mobile!).

B2B Company?

If you are a B2B company, again you may find a lot of small businesses only have a mobile number or a landline number – particualrly if only just starting out.

There is of course the option available to leave the same number in both fields – but sometimes unless you are told to do that it may not even cross the person’s mind!

Make the change!

It is amazing the amount of sites I have come across and redesigned that had the required field mechanism in place for both numbers and once removed and before SEO kicked in, conversion rates go up at least 10%.

So is the move from two required telephone numbers to one worth it? Why not let me know?

Post your site below with a comment and make the change – then let me know how you get on!