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You’ve come to the right place! For the pasts 9 years I’ve helped scores of Individuals, Coaches and Small Businesses with their online presence. Let’s find out how I can help your business too…


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WordPress Help & Assistance


If you’re looking to upgrade your WordPress website or need help with technical issues like Plugin customisation or CSS (Custom Style Sheet) changes, look no further!


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WordPress Services

Need help with your WordPress site? I can help whether it’s updates & plugins to a complete overhaul of your WordPress website. Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, MailChimp, and Yoast SEO are just an example of plugins that I can update, customise and integrate on your website.

Facebook Marketing & Ads

  • Starting out with Facebook Ads?
  • Need a new campaign or just not sure if you’re campaign is performing?
  • Do you want to remarket products, blogs or services to potential clients and past clients?

With over 5 years of Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing experience and managing hundreds of campaigns and pages for clients, I can help from complete set up to deployment, images, events and so much more!

Other services

I offer a wide range of services on a one off or monthly basis. You may need a little help often or a lot of help all at once! The majority of my customers have been working with me for over 4 years! That says a lot in itself, find out more if I can help you and your business.

Emma’s technical expertise and business know-how helped me out of a sticky situation very swiftly. She has then continued to help my business grow.
I had been having problems with a horribly unreliable (and somewhat incompetent) web designer, when Emma came to my rescue. I run a subscription based product (raw chocolate boxes!), and I had worked really hard to have the product ready to launch. The only problem was, I couldn’t get my website to do anything I needed it to! And my web developer had gone completely AWOL! Within just a few days, Emma had everything up and running perfectly!
Sarah Birch


Emma has worked on a couple WordPress websites for me, usually when I am in trouble and invariably when I have been let down by other parties. She has never failed to solve my problems. She has proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

When my original website developer who had control of my hosting went out of business and left me without any passwords and access to hosting Emma took up the challenge and rescued my website and arranged for new hosting and email.. Even working late on a Friday evening and at the weekend. I would highly recommend Emma if you need a cost effective and efficient solution for your online marketing, social media management, SEO or website development.

Peter Andrews

Kent Financial Management Services

How To Refresh The Share Attachment On a Facebook Page Post Quickly and Easily

The Simple Easy Way to Refresh Your Share Attachment on a Facebook Post If you’ve ever posted on your Facebook Page and realised the share attachment (link) isn’t showing: the right image the right words or … a spelling mistake EEK! you may have done as...
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Help! I’ve Lost Control of My Domain Name To My Ex Web Developer

  Eeeek – it happens! Web companies go out of business all the time, with so many having set up shop these past 10 years it’s not surprising small business owners occasionally become unstuck and can’t access their domain name or website to get...
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How to Run a Facebook Competition Under Facebook Guidelines

Facebook relaxed the rules on how you can run a Competition on your Facebook Page at the end of August 2013. Soooooo many businesses jumped for joy at the thought, no more worrying that your Page would get removed from Facebook for breaching T&C’s not to...
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The One Reason You Can’t Run A Share Competition on Facebook

  That most business owners don’t realise… It isn’t because Facebook is being a spoil sport. It isn’t because of Terms & Conditions and regional laws (although that does come in to a play a little) The ONE, SINGLE reason a Facebook...
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How Do You Market a Facebook Competition?

Here are some hints and tips on how to market your Facebook Competition using a Mind Map. You may already do some of these things, but you need to make sure you are doing ALL of them! Facebook competitions don’t run themselves, unless you put these measures in...
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What’s the Best Way to Track People who Visit My Website?

If you run a website, you need analytics, without it you are running your online business blind. There are some great packages out there, all of which do similar things. The obvious choice is installing Google Analytics. It’s free and easy to add to any website...
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